Thursday, January 31, 2013

Seiko "Tuna" and summary of Seiko's vintage Shrouded Divers

Having lunch with some new colleagues from Sales, I was wearing the "Tuna" Seiko 300m Professional Shrouded Diver 7549-7010 on its summer bracelet: a stainless steel solid end-link SuperOyster. One of the new colleagues leaned over and asked: "So, is that a Rolex?"

The 7549- 7010 300m Shrouded Diver, this time on a Monster bracelet, trying not to look like a Sub...

Quick as a flash I sized up the situation and said "Rolex!? Nooooo, what we have here is a heavy duty professional, 300m shrouded saturation diver designed and built over a quarter of a century ago by the legendary Ikuo Tokunaga, incorporating a revolutionary helium valve and with the high-torgue movement specially designed for this watch and its heavy duty hands.....see!" and I passed it over for him to see the hands.

For a second he was about to fall for it, when his face brightened and he roared with laughter as he shouted "HA! You almost had me there - it says SEIKO on the dial!!"

I just love WIS moments like that Anyway, here is a summary of Seiko's legendary Professional Shrouded divers:

... with the 7549-7010 as the first 300m professional diver with a quartz movement and protector (shroud) released by Seiko in 1978. Its stainless steel shroud looks like a can of Tuna, hence the nickname "Tuna".

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  1. My Seiko Professional 600m 7549 7009 stopped working ,I took it to a jeweler for a battery replacement and he told me that something electrical broke in it and had the sales clerk tell me and would not see me himself.I would really like to get it fixed ,I can no longer dive but it was a gift from my first wife who is no longer here and I have a sentimental bond with the watch.Is there anyone on this planet that can repair it for me? Every one so far tries to buy it from me "for parts" instead of repairing it without even seeing it. Robert Bennett