Thursday, January 24, 2013

1964 Olympic Seiko One-button Chronograph

Been looking for years for a very specific version of the 5719 one button handwind chronograph: the 1964, metal/black bezel, no lume version. Sorta like this one:

Actually, EXACTLY like this one! I'd actually seen this one on the bay and tried a few tentative offers to no avail. Did the same again with a higher offer and - suddenly it was mine!

The price I offered just made my own hair stand up!! But, thinking about it, this is exactly the one I have been looking for, for the last few years - and now I have it! Have seen them go for less, but I have never been around to pull the trigger! So, is it worth what I paid? Actually, yes - as an integral part of a 1964 Seiko collection, I would say its value is greater than as an individual piece. I know I am going to get a lot of bang for the buck doing the researching ;-) I think the caseback may be slightly above average too, and the October 1964 serial number coincides nicely with the October 1964 Tokyo Olympics:

I always factor into the price of my obsession that I - by researching and documenting significant (aren't they all!) vintage Seiko watches  - are paying back some of the knowledge, education and sheer entertainment provided on Seiko and watch forums by members who have paid their "dues" by investing their cash or time. I personally would have a hard time justifying costs if I couldn't share - or receive - the fruits of this obsession!

Here's an interesting piece of information from the Official Report of the Organizing Committee for the Games of the XVIII Olympiad 1964 - 50 Crown Chronographs were presented as Torch Relay gifts. One wonders if they were specially inscribed, or with a special bezel/dial combination - or... perhaps... 5718s?

To those not familiar with the 5717 Crown chronographs, they came in a bewildering variety: black dials / white dials; with/without lume; steel, plastic and steel/insert bezels; date/no-date. I tried once to summarize the different permutations below (please note the 4598 is probably an erroneously typed 45899):

(Figure reference: Vintage Seiko GS Chronometer Crown Liner 5722 5719 book /eBay)


  1. So how much did you actually pay for it ?

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  3. Oh well, such a nice looking vintage watch. I prefer domed-glass piece like this to flat ones. Seiko's craftmanship is so admirable

  4. Lovely watch. I have one and also the ref 5717 but unfortunately my bezel insert on the 5719 is an after market replacement. The original does not seem to last. Am thinking of selling it as it is not getting much wrist time. How much is this watch worth?

  5. Very nice website, Great pictures of rare Seiko watches... keep it up! Thanks