Friday, December 2, 2011

1964 Seiko "Olympic" catalogues

Just in from Yahoo Japan. Its not too often you find Seiko catalogues from the Tokyo Olympic year of 1964, so you have to bait your line when they do appear. Only local Japanese can bid on Yahoo Japan, so I had to get hold of my Japanese "agent" to snag these:

Well, lets see if there is something new in them....

One-button chronograph....nope, got that! How about an Olympic stopwatch then?

Nope...been there, done that. Maybe a dress watch for Christmas, how about a full day/date?

Rats! I got that one too. Well, lets try some high-end "showcase" stuff, maybe Grand Seiko? Or a diver?

Aaargh! I give up! Well, at least I have something to wrap fish in.....

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