Saturday, June 7, 2008

Seiko Tales of Heroism 1: Saving a Lady from Vicious Hounds...

Although a Modest man, I feel I Owe it to my readers to share a tale of Heroism performed while wearing a Seiko diver.

Some years ago, while escorting a Lady of my Acquaintance to the seaside (she being of Delicate disposition and desirous of a Cavalier of some masculinity) an occasion of turmoil came to our attention. Towards us, in various states of Undress, fled a group of Ladies, having just escaped from the Clutches of a pack of Vicious Hounds.  

Figure 1: Ladies fleeing from the Attentions of a pack of Ravaging Hounds.

Although a number of Men where among the Onlookers to this Occasion, I at once realised that my natural Bravery as well as my Dedication to my Companion dictated that I should protect the Ladies Present from the ravages of this dastardly Pack. Without further thought for my own Safety I confronted the Leader of these Beasts, who faced me with Blood-curdling Daring, the evidence of his Deeds hanging from his Vicious jaws.

Figure 2: "The evidence of his Deeds hung from his Vicious jaws."

Resolutely I plunged my arm into the very depth of those Fangs, as they closed with vicelike Certainty onto my Seiko Diver. All praise to the Ruggedness of this Device, quite Equal to and Matching my own Strength and Determination. Thus, I was able to Asphyxiate the Brute, while the Seiko held his Slavering Fangs at Bay.

Figure 3: "Resolutely I plunged my arm into the very depth of these Fangs..."

Cowed, the ravaging Pack turned Tail and Fled. By chance, the entire Intervention was Witnessed by the President of the Republic who, although a great Hero of the Nation, was
reduced by the Circumstances to a quivering Wreck. In recognition of my Modesty and great Courage he presented to me an offer of Marriage to one of the Ladies I had so fortuitously Saved, she being his youngest Daughter and a Creature most Desirous. Still today, I sit with my young family and look at my Seiko diver, while thinking of the great Providence of my Modest Adventure.

Figure 4: "I sit with my young family and think of the great Providence of my modest Adventure."

(All events in this Story are True, only the identity of the Seiko has been altered to protect the innocent. The watch was not harmed during the production of this posting.)

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