Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Reflections on the Seiko 6309 series divers

I would like to share a little of my enthusiasm for the 6309 diver series, by outlining some of the qualities which make this watch so very collectible.

First - it has a telescopic screw down crown with 7 turns. A solid SS brushed case with perfect proportions. A bezel, dial and hands so harmonious they remain essentially unchanged today. Clearly differentiated hour and minute hands, with the dominant minute "arrow" clearly indicating elapsed time on the bezel.

A non-hacking, non winding movement - simple, rugged and dependable, made to last for generations. Instead, we are offered a day and date complication - brilliant, not a neccesary diver complication, but a combination which sent sales figures for this model diver through the roof! Readily available today, with a multitude of modding options available.

One of the strokes of genius on the 6309 is the curved, almost organic case and caseback which moulds itself to the arm. The caseback with Seiko wave is a pure work of art.

Mandatory wrist shot while setting summertime on the "IWW" 6309 on Seiko straight vent rubber. The SS bracelet combination lends itself well to formal occasions!

Mandatory wrist shot while setting summertime on the "Stephen Go" 6309 on SS bracelet. The original rubber strap combination is more suited to non-formal activities like Saving Ladies from Vicious Sharks &c

The heft of these piece is substantial, and the overall impression is of no-nonsense, high quality classic timepieces. I have three, one for each of my kids. How excellent to be able to afford three of the same model of the most personal heirloom a father can pass on to his children!

*The oldest is from 1981, it was manufactured during my last year at high school. It will go to my oldest son Frederik (11 years), I let him wear it occasionaly so it is on a NATO strap. I might fit a YAO dial and bezel insert, but I gotta speak to my son about it first ...

*The second is the "Stephen Go 6309" on SS bracelet, made in 1983 when I was at college, it will go to my daughter Amanda.

*The youngest is the "IWW 6309" on original straight vent rubber - made in May 1985 one month before my 21st birthday - it will go to my youngest son William, who regularly asks me when I am going to die...

Sometimes I see my kids eyeing the watch I have on - "their" watch - it feels good to bond with them in this way.

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  1. I was just doing a little research on my Seiko 6309-7049. I purchased it my rookie year as a professional firefighter. I had worn it continuesly for thirty years on the job. This watch has been in fires well over seven hundred degrees, in ocean depth to 200 feet. It has seen the fridgid temperatures in the Alps and Rockies and still keeps great time. I had to retire her from service when I had lost the bezel in a structure fire. I'm looking for a original bezel to replace the lost one. Maybe you may know where I could locate one. If so. I can be contacted at dmuder@gmail.com.

    Danny Muder