Friday, April 30, 2010

Impressions of the new "Omega-type" heavy mesh diver bracelet.

Ever since my interest for vintage dive watches started, I have yearned for an Omega mesh. We all know them, but not many of us pluck up the courage to take 300 dollars out of the housekeeping jar to be the proud owner of one. One of the great mysteries of WISdom for me (ranking up there with missing bracelet pin collars and that one screw left over from my last repair) is why no aftermarket mesh with open mesh end links has ever been offered! Webpage after webpage of cyberdrool every time someone posts a diver on an Omega mesh must surely speak volumes about the potential market!

Well, wait no more, they're here - and wjean ( and stella (tungchoywatches) have them! I just got one in the post, and I quote: "And it came to pass I beheld them, and they were good":

After fitting the mesh to the Tuna, I thought I would give it a try on the Nighthawk. Now, it was amazing on the Tuna, however the effect of the mesh on the Nighthawk is nothing short of stunning! Somehow the mesh transports the Nighthawk to a watch which you could wear at work, on the beach and still be suitable for formal evening wear. The mesh is amazingly versatile, and seems ideally suited to a large, sporty watch.


Out of the box the bracelet is lighter than I had expected. The mesh is thick and yet very flexible, and the clasp feels sufficiently solid. I have often been disappointed by clasps on after-market bracelets, but the clasps here are appropriate. Fitting is very easy, and the effect of the pin through the links is visually appealing. Note that these bracelets will not accept fat spring bars for divers, but wjean does offer special regular width bars with thicker pins for divers.

The finish on the strap I received is brushed. Each row of links appears to be a spiral or coil of wire, so there is a "free" end at each end of each coil. These free ends have  been filed (for want of a better word) and pushed in to make a flush ending - I wondered if they would catch on clothing or hair but I have had no problem in this respect. The links have also been filed or brushed on top to make a flat surface which is very pleasing - a nice detail. There is a good amount of space between the links, and I have noticed that my arm is dry under the bracelet, even though it is humid, while the Monster on my other arm is sticking to a thin layer of sweat. The mesh is definitely a cooler bracelet and will be a sure winner this summer!

Just after I fitted the bracelet to my Nighthawk, a friend of mine (who also has a Nighthawk) dropped by and immediately noticed the new configuration. His eyes widened and he said "That I HAVE to have, would you order me one!". I absolutely recommend these mesh bracelets - get one, you wont be disappointed. I expect these bracelets will be a major posting topic on watch forums this summer.

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  1. Is this bracelet a 20mm width? It's so cool. Thank you.